End-of-Life for Whiteout Cloud Services: Action Required!

Dear Whiteout user, you haven't heard from us in a while. Some say that no news is good news. Not in this case. When we set »

Decentralized Key Servers Are Dead

This blog post examines options to retire the Web-of-Trust (WoT) and the SKS key pool Recap: The WoT is a decentralized trust model that was created »

Standardizing Secure PGP Private Key Sync

We've recently updated our specification for private key sync after some discussions with other PGP vendors. The goal of this spec is to formalize and hopefully »

Whiteout Mailbox Personal Edition: Now Available For Free!

In the last six weeks we have had a lot of discussion with our user community around product packaging and pricing, primarily within the context of »

Whiteout Mail 1.0 and Security Audit by Cure53

As we started closing in on version 1.0, there was one more item on the roadmap: A security audit by a reputable source. A trusted »