Whiteout Mail: Now in Beta!

In the last weeks and months we have had over a thousand people take a look at our Alpha version. Many of you have given us important feedback on how you would like to use Whiteout Mail to protect your private communication and what we should be working on in the future. A big thank you to all of you who have gotten in touch!

Now in Beta!

With the most recent release we are upgrading to Beta status. We feel that the feature set as well as stability and performance are now where they need to be for production use. We use it every day and we hope that you will too. And we will make it better all the time, with frequent updates every two weeks.

To celebrate today's beta release, we are also launching a complete redesign of the whiteout.io homepage.

What’s New

We have added many important features, among them:

  • Encrypted attachments
  • Display HTML mails
  • Forward, CC, BCC
  • Support for popular character sets (Umlauts, Chinese, etc.)
  • Option to manage keys without a passphrase
  • Option to change your passphrase
  • Importing your existing key pair
  • Importing the public keys of contacts using other PGP clients

And much more. For details please consult the various Release notes.


If you have already installed the Whiteout Mail Alpha, just start the App and you will be upgraded automatically. To install the beta please visit the download section on our website:

Download Beta

What's coming next

Now that we have reached beta quality for our Chrome App with Gmail support, we will start rolling out support for other popular platforms and mail providers. We are already hard at work on apps for iOS and Android, as well as support for popular mail backends like Yahoo Mail, Outlook.com and custom mail server configurations.

We can only make the best product for you with your continued feedback, so please let us know which features you are interested in the most.

Remember: published code

Just as a reminder: All of our source code is published and available for inspection. Feel free to check it out on GitHub. Many of you have. Thanks again for your effort. You know who you are.

How to interact with us

We are really interested in and appreciate your ideas and suggestions. Tell us how you use Whiteout and what is important for you as we build out the product. Contact us at [email protected], anytime, encrypted or not.