IMAP and Android

At Whiteout Networks we have been busy improving the Whiteout Mail client. We have just published an update and wanted to let you know what we have been working on:

Better IMAP Support

Where Whiteout Mail previously only worked with Gmail, you can now connect additional email servers, both well-known servers such as Yahoo or T-Online, as well as your own IMAP server with a custom configuration. So now you can use end-to-end encryption with many more recipients.

Choose from one of your favorite mail providers.

Android App Now in Alpha

We have completed the first version of the Android implementation. This is now available as an Alpha version in the Google Play Store. Click here to install.

Android App now available!

If you already use Whiteout Mail on your desktop, please note that you will need to use the experimental "Key sync" functionality to store your encrypted key pair in our cloud. When you install the Android app you will be able to synchronize the key pair onto your Android device. See here for more details on the Key sync service.

Performance Improvements

We added significant performance improvements for handling larger mailboxes with thousands of messages. These are especially noticeable on mobile devices.

PGP Interoperability

This was the number one request from our beta users. Some people already have an existing keypair that they want to reuse while others have contacts who already use PGP that they want to communicate with. With the new release you now can:

  • import your existing private key when installing the app.

  • get the public key for a contact and import that (under “Contacts”).