New Responsive Design

At Whiteout we not only want end-to-end encrypted email to be easy to use, but also powerful enough to address more and more of your email needs. That's why we've been working hard over the last few months to rebuild the Whiteout Mail experience from the ground up. Today we're excited to share what we've come up with.

The New Desktop

New Desktop Layout

The Whiteout Mail client is designed to run on all your devices, desktop, tablets, smartphones. We have now added an additional layout to our responsive design that is optimized for the larger screen you typically have on a desktop or laptop computer. You will recognize the familiar layout displaying all your folders in the lefthand pane from the desktop mail clients you normally use.

Completely Responsive

Responsive Design

If you resize the window it will automatically adopt the layouts for the tablet or the smartphone screen sizes. The new desktop layout is available both in the packaged app as well as in the webmail version of Whiteout Mail. To try it out just head over to

Standards based and Open Source

Even though the user interface changed, the core of our application remains the same. We are committed to building on established open standards such as OpenPGP, IMAP and SMTP. This means you can use the new client with your existing email account and write PGP messages to non-whiteout users.

As always the source code is open. Check it out.

Advance Notice: Whiteout Mailbox Private Beta

We have been working on Whiteout Mailbox, a new email service that will be available as an additional secure mailbox for your confidential communication needs. Or as your new mailbox where you send and receive all your mail. Whiteout Mailbox is hosted in Germany and will offer important security benefits, especially at-rest encryption of your messages when they are stored in the cloud. Let us know if you want to take part in the upcoming private beta at [email protected].