Whiteout Mail Available For iOS.

Today we have some exciting news to share: The Whiteout Mail client now available for iOS. So you can send and receive encrypted email on all your devices.

The First Integrated PGP-client for iOS

In fact Whiteout Mail is the first wholly-integrated PGP-client for iOS, where a single app lets users read and write encrypted emails and communicate with other PGP users. And with full IMAP support it connects to any existing mailbox.

The application has a fully responsive design, runs on every size display and adapts to the available screen real estate, with optimized layouts for smartphone and tablet form factors.


Secure Key Synchronization Across All Devices

With Whiteout’s secure key synchronization users can send and receive PGP-encrypted messages on all their devices, desktop, tablet smartphone, iOS, Android, even Chromebooks. And with automatic recipient key lookup, encrypting and signing your email is completely painless.

A big thank you to the large number of beta testers who braved the Testflight installation procedure and gave us a lot of important feedback.

Click here to install Whiteout Mail for iOS from the iTunes App Store.