Whiteout Mailbox Personal Edition: Now Available For Free!

In the last six weeks we have had a lot of discussion with our user community around product packaging and pricing, primarily within the context of our crowdfunding campaign, where we tried to pre-sell the upcoming Personal and Pro editions of Whiteout Mailbox.

The overwhelming feedback that we received during the campaign showed that there is strong interest in a free product version for Whiteout Mailbox. Users expect to be given a useful version of a product for free in exchange for their commitment to using the product and for referring others to it.

So today we are happy to announce that we are offering Whiteout Mailbox Personal Edition with 2GB storage for free, starting today. The product is still in beta, but you can sign up today, no invite code needed. And tell your friends!

The Pro version is under development and will be available later this year. The Whiteout Mail client for use with your existing mailbox is of course also available for free.

Many thanks again to everybody for your valuable input.