End-of-Life for Whiteout Cloud Services: Action Required!

Dear Whiteout user, you haven't heard from us in a while. Some say that no news is good news. Not in this case. When we set »

Whiteout Mailbox Personal Edition: Now Available For Free!

In the last six weeks we have had a lot of discussion with our user community around product packaging and pricing, primarily within the context of »

Facebook and PGP. A Pleasant Surprise.

This is a welcome surprise. Facebook announced the ability for users to upload their public key so that they can receive their messages from Facebook in »

Whiteout Mail Available For iOS.

Today we have some exciting news to share: The Whiteout Mail client now available for iOS. So you can send and receive encrypted email on all »

PGP: There’s Life In The Old Dog Yet.

Email is the most sensitive and private form of electronic communication. Better protect it from prying eyes. By applying strong encryption. That we can agree on. »