Making PGP Key Management Invisible So Johnny Can Encrypt

We’ve written about usability for PGP email encryption before. In a recent post we’ve touched on the usability of crypto apps in general and »

Why Alice has a problem if Bob can't encrypt

I listened to many good talks at the 31st Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg (GER) last December. I was especially impressed by "Crypto Tales from the »

Banning Encryption? At Best Naive.

We all stand in shock at the horrific attacks in Paris. Our thoughts go out to the families and everybody affected. And once again we are »

New Responsive Design

At Whiteout we not only want end-to-end encrypted email to be easy to use, but also powerful enough to address more and more of your email »

Webmail & Open Source

We have big plans for Whiteout Mail and today we'd like to share a few more pieces of the puzzle: Placing the mail client under the »