Whiteout Mailbox Personal Edition: Now Available For Free!

In the last six weeks we have had a lot of discussion with our user community around product packaging and pricing, primarily within the context of »

Whiteout Mail 1.0 and Security Audit by Cure53

As we started closing in on version 1.0, there was one more item on the roadmap: A security audit by a reputable source. A trusted »

Cross-platform with Chrome Apps - a Developer Diary

When we started whiteout.io in 2013, our goal was to provide end-to-end encrypted email that is easy to use and that runs on all devices. »

Whiteout Mail Available For iOS.

Today we have some exciting news to share: The Whiteout Mail client now available for iOS. So you can send and receive encrypted email on all »

Secure PGP Key Sync - A Proposal (cont’d)

This post is a continuation of a previous post on encrypted sync of a user’s private PGP key. In the previous post we discussed that »