Standardizing Secure PGP Private Key Sync

We've recently updated our specification for private key sync after some discussions with other PGP vendors. The goal of this spec is to formalize and hopefully »

Whiteout Mail 1.0 and Security Audit by Cure53

As we started closing in on version 1.0, there was one more item on the roadmap: A security audit by a reputable source. A trusted »

Secure PGP Key Sync - A Proposal (cont’d)

This post is a continuation of a previous post on encrypted sync of a user’s private PGP key. In the previous post we discussed that »

Secure PGP Key Sync - A Proposal

In today's multi device world it's absolutely mandatory that the user's data be available on all screens at all times. Yet secure email protocols such as »

Heartbleed and JavaScript Crypto

Reading the news on Heartbleed in the mainstream media these days got me thinking. It's hard enough to grasp the consequences as a technical person, but »